Hello! I hope you’ve found me well…


Welcome to my new blog. I’ve been planning on rebranding for quite some time now, and I’ve finally bit the bullet and went for it. My previous blog, ChewyCheesecake, was cute, but I created it when I was fifteen and feel I’ve outgrown it at this stage. Plus, the name was just a tad dodgy. Not only did I keep getting tagged in people’s Instagram pictures of cheesecake, but any google searches I did to check my visibility only returned baking-related results. Which would be great if I ran a baking blog, but I don’t.

The idea of rebranding frightened me for a while, as I felt that everything I had built up for my own brand and business would be destroyed. Yet I knew that if I didn’t I would become stagnant, not progressing anywhere because I didn’t have a blog name that had proper connotations with my niche. It was one awkward conversation in the post office that finally pushed me to make a move in another direction. I had been sent a pair of shoes for collaboration purposes, and they had printed my Instagram handle on the address. I honestly didn’t know how to explain it, and I guess in that moment I realised I really needed to move on from the childish inconsistent hobby to something a bit more serious. Once things leave the internet and join you in real life, they don’t sound cute anymore – just a bit weird!

So, that’s what I’ve done. Thankfully, this time around, I’ve learned from my previous mistakes. I’m grateful to feel a little bit more knowledgeable about what’s ahead and what it takes to grow a blog and a following. I’m also much more enthusiastic; I had lost my motivation to write new posts on a blog with such a daft name (I’m starting this site with some honesty here!) and wasn’t updating my Instagram much either. I want to change that. I’ve got my own domain name this time, as well as a personalised logo created by the fantastic Stefan Kezmic, who’s designs you can find here. I feel much more professional!

I sat and thought about the name a bit more, too, and decided that Ethical Vanity had a nice ring. Ethical because I’m cruelty-free, and I try my best to make the right choices as a consumer regarding both politics and the environment. I felt that Vanity relates to both beauty and fashion, whether you read it to be a dressing table or a negative personality trait. I’m not sure which definition the word had when it popped into my head, but I’m hoping it wasn’t the latter!

As well as that, I’m so thankful to have my loyal Instagram followers. You’ve stuck by me in my times of inactivity and inconsistency, and I appreciate it hugely. I feel like Instagram was the only thing I got right last time. I really want to put out better content and much more regular updates for the people who have supported me from the get-go.


Here’s to new beginnings! As always, your ideas and suggestions are very welcome. I hope you choose to stick around and see what I have in store.



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