3 Beauty Products I wish I had Known About Sooner

With this blog I’m always trying to give advice that’s useful to both beginners and people such as myself, who already enjoy beauty but don’t mind hearing about new things. So, today, I thought the best thing to do would be to share the three products I wish I had known about sooner. Maybe you’d enjoy them too – or maybe you can recommend me your three!

This post contains affiliate links; I will get a small amount of profit if you purchase a product through them.


1. Eylure ‘Texture No 117’ False Eyelashes

I do love a good pair of falsies, and these ones are everything I’ve ever wanted: long, voluminous, but not totally ridiculous. They flatter my eye shape, they’re the perfect size, and I find them really comfortable to wear. I do prefer textured lashes, as they look a lot less plastic and much closer to real hair without breaking the bank (and the cruelty-free morals!). They’re also the perfect size to cover up any eye makeup mishaps – eyeshadow always looks like it’s been blended better with a pair of falsies over the top of it!

2. Zoeva ‘Pure Lacquer Lips’ Liquid Lipstick

I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks due to their longevity and colour pay-off, not to mention matte shades are much better for giving the illusion of larger lips.  The texture can’t always be the most comfortable, though – I often find myself having to remove and reapply the product over lip balm throughout the day. However, these Zoeva lipsticks don’t dry down. They have a creamy and moisturising finish, and whilst they’re not totally matte they’re definitely not satin or glossy. I have the shade Sensual Curve, and it glides on evenly. Darker shades tend to have patchy or paler spots due to being a more difficult formula, but this deep red-brown applies flawlessly!

3. Wet n Wild ‘Large Stipple’ Brush

To be fair, this brush collection hasn’t really been around for THAT long – a couple of years at most – but I do feel everyone needs a few. My favourite is the Large Stipple. This brush can be used for a multitude of products (as most can) but I specifically love it for bronzer. I’m a fair-skinned person and bronzers can build up quickly on me, and I’m not exactly into the orange streak look! This brush blends as it applies leaving a flawless finish, and as the hairs are very fine it applies a sheer amount, meaning I can keep control when building the product up. There are so many bronzers I hadn’t found much use for before I bought this brush, so it’s saved me product as well in that respect.

I hope this post was beneficial to you! Thanks for reading.


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