8 Simple Ways to Improve your Skincare Routine

Recently, not only have people become much more knowledgeable about skincare and why it’s necessary, but brands have been producing more and more variations of it based on the consumer’s interest. Skincare is now something to be enjoyed, and I know that I personally love to invest in my face! Here are 8 things you might be forgetting about in your daily skincare regimen.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small amount of profit if you choose to purchase something through my link. It will come at no extra cost to you, though, and means that I can continue to work on my blog. 


1. Wear SPF


I am a total sun-care freak, I’ll be the first to admit. Where I live there’s permanent rain and clouds, but even in the dead of Winter I have at least SPF 15 applied. It’s been suggested by research that 90% of visible ageing may be due to sunlight. Wear a moisturiser or foundation with SPF during the cooler months, and during Summer go for a stronger facial sun protection cream.

My Favourites: The glossier ‘Invisible Shield’ SPF 35 gel. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and leaves my skin with a beautiful glowy finish. For my body during the Summer I love the Sun Bum SPF 50 Lotion. Neither of these have that typical sun cream scent that I hate; the Sun Bum one smells like bananas!


2. Apply your Products Upwards

Due to the ever downward-pulling gravitational force, your skin needs a little help with it’s elasticity. Using upward strokes to blend in moisturisers and oils works against gravity and helps to keep your skin from drooping. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but it’s certainly better than pushing your skin downward to aid the ageing process.


3. Use Masks Once a Week

29717955_1777759685614503_3419009785427656704_nMasks are one of the best forms of self-pampering, and they’re also very beneficial to your skin. I tend to use a deep cleansing mask and then a hydrating mask one night a week, as a sort of intensive version of my regular cleanse/moisturise routine. It’s important to keep your pores as clean as possible (without damaging them – see next point) to prevent blemishes or irritation arising. Whilst acne and other skin conditions are generally genetic, oil and dirt can lead to other types of breakouts.

My Favourites: The Glossier ‘Mega Greens Galaxy Pack’ cleans my skin without stripping it dry, and their ‘Moisturizing Moon Mask’ hydrates and plumps it afterwards. You can buy the duo together at a cheaper price here.


4. Exfoliate with Chemical Exfoliators Only

This one is going to be a little controversial in some ways, as many people swear by physical exfoliation. First of all, let me explain the difference. Physical exfoliators scrub away the dead skin cells, using substances such as sugar or ground coffee. Chemical exfoliators contain chemicals that lift the dead skin away, such as salicylic acid. Physical exfoliation does leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, hence a lot of people recommend it; others are unsure because some dermatologists have talked about it creating microscopic skin tears and damage. I can only go by personal experience, whereby I’m pretty sure I’ve developed larger pores from physical exfoliation in the past. If you must exfoliate (which is generally recommended) I would encourage the use of chemical exfoliators.

My Favourites: In all honesty, I’m not into either kind of exfoliation as my skin is a bit too sensitive to use a chemical exfoliator. I do know, however, that the Pixi ‘Glow Tonic’ toner is a highly recommended one – my experience with it didn’t go to plan, but it’s only because of my easily irritated skin. One important thing to note is that chemical exfoliators generally heighten your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so point 1 of this list is especially important.


5. Double Cleanse


I was always slightly afraid of double cleansing, as I have dry skin and the idea of stripping it of oils twice was never ideal. However, It is important to get all of the day’s dirt out of your skin, and when I found cream cleansers as opposed to foaming ones I felt a little more comfortable with it.


My Favourites: I cleanse the first time around using my Face Halo (non-UK readers click here); a microfibre cloth that removes everything with just the help of water. As this leaves my skin a little dry, I like to use the No 7 ‘Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser’ to cleanse the second time and hydrate a little.


6. Moisturise While your Skin is Damp

I read recently that moisturiser isn’t supposed to go on to dry skin. It supposedly locks in the moisture of the water left on your skin after cleansing. I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life…


7. Use Facial Sprays

20180730_151005One of my favourite forms of hydration is through sprays, as they absorb fully and are quick to apply (and re-apply!). They can be put on over makeup to refresh your skin without causing streaks, and I just find that they add that extra touch to a skincare routine. Plus, they don’t end up rubbing off on my pillow like moisturisers tend to do.

My Favourites: I love any spray from Urban Decay! Not only do they have amazing setting sprays (that I’m constantly raving about) but they have really light hydrating skincare sprays also. I love the ‘b6’ and the ‘Quick Fix’ sprays.




8. Switch it up!

This might sound a bit ridiculous, but I’m a strong believer in my skin’s ability to become immune to certain products. I can love something for months – years even – and then suddenly find it just doesn’t work anymore. It’s frustrating, but at least I get to enjoy shopping around for new things! You might have the same problem, so once you’re done with a product try to purchase something different next to keep things fresh.


What steps do you find make a huge difference to your skincare routine? If you try any of these ones let me know if they work for you!


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