Lanolips ‘101 Ointment’ vs Glossier ‘Balm Dotcom’: Which is Worth It?

Recently, you might have noticed a lot of hype surrounding the brand Lanolips. They’re Australian based and are now being sold worldwide. As a lip balm lover who can’t go five minutes with dry lips, I really wanted to try their ‘101 Ointment’ out for myself to see if it lived up to my expectations, and compare their balm to another cult favourite: Glossier’s ‘Balm Dotcom’

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small amount of profit if you choose to purchase something through my link. It will come at no extra cost to you, though, and means that I can continue to work on my blog. 


Vegan/Cruelty-free Status

Lanolips use lanolin as a base to their balms, so if you’re into vegan makeup, they unfortunately won’t have anything suitable for you. The Lanolips website states their reasoning behind this as:

“The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human skin lipids, making it the most skin-compatible ingredient around. More so than any other natural or synthetic ingredient in skincare. We call it ‘Natures Wonder Moisturiser™’

Lanolin is 100% natural & animal cruelty free. It’s found on the wool of sheep that helps keep their coat protected and dry throughout the year.”

The company is certified cruelty-free both in lanolin production and product testing.

Glossier says about their balm:

“A hydrating, long-lasting, multipurpose lip balm and skin salve that’s packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish and repair dry, chafed skin. The dense, waxy texture stays in place to seal in moisture wherever it goes.”

Glossier are also certified cruelty-free, but their balms aren’t vegan either. They also contain an amount of Lanolin, and beeswax too.



When I first read the price of the Lanolips balms, I was a little surprised. They’re definitely pricey. The one I bought cost around £12 for 0.35oz, or, as they like to measure it, 101 uses.  Glossier’s balm is a bit more reasonable, at £10 for 0.5oz. As hydrating balms go, there are certainly cheaper options. So why are people buying them?

Lanolips have won over 50 awards for their products, so that might have influenced a few people. As well a this, I’ve seen them work with bloggers lately to promote their products (not me, though. I wish!). When I bought mine, it was definitely due to the exposure they’ve had on Instagram. Glossier have a programme whereby they have teams of people selling their products for them – I definitely follow someone on Instagram who does this – gaining them more advertising. They’ve also been fairly hyped lately; their branching out from the US to the UK and parts of Europe was a pretty big deal.


Scent and Texture

Balms' Textures

From Lanolips, I went for the Multi-Balm Coconutter (left). The shop I was in only sold either that one or the original, and I do have a slight preference for scented and flavoured balms over plain ones. My balm has a FABULOUS scent. I absolutely love it, it’s sort of like vanilla and coconut ice-cream combined. It’s strong, but it doesn’t linger for long. This balm is also clear, though they do offer a range of shades, if that’s what you’d rather buy. From Glossier I have the Birthday Balm (right). It smells like birthday cake – how fab is that? – and has a slight shimmer running through it. I have to say on these terms I do prefer the Lanolips, as I don’t end up with glitter all over my face after cleansing in the evening. As well as that, the Glossier scent can get a bit sickening. Glossier do also have tinted, clear, and unscented balms, though, so these problems wouldn’t be an issue if you purchased one of them. I just find with mine that when the balm has eventually worn off, the glitter is still stuck to my lips. It’s not…flattering.



I love to wear a lot of lip balm through the night, as it’s the one time I’m not talking or eating! Therefore, I find that if a balm manages to wear off whilst I’m asleep it’s really not long-lasting. Both of these balms hold up pretty well. when I wake up, the ‘101 Ointment’ is practically the same as when I first applied it – the layer is not much thinner at all. I would say the lasting ability reminds me a little bit of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, so if you used to love that and are now cruelty-free like I am, this is a great alternative. It’s quite thick and I do think it locks moisture in.

The ‘Balm Dotcom’ remains pretty much the same as well, when I wake up it hasn’t really worn off much either. The texture of this one is a little thinner to begin with, though. I find that sometimes when I go to apply it I have to mix it within the tube, as the oil has separated. It’s a slight inconvenience, but not that big of a deal. It is unfortunate when I forget, though, and end up covered in shimmery oil.


Hydration and Healing Properties

Glossier Balm Swatched

One of my favourite lip care brands was Carmex (not cruelty-free, hence I no longer use it), as it’s cheap and it seemed to almost dissolve any dry patches I had on my lips. I used to use it to heal any torn skin or swellings I had. I think the Lanolips balm works better than the Glossier one in this context, I applied it over dry and irritated skin and it soothed it. The Glossier balm is better for actual hydration purposes, though, leaving my lips feeling like they can cope on their own for a bit. With the Lanolips, I definitely feel a slight difference when it’s gone and my lips have returned to their dry state.

Glossier Balm Swatch

As for skin other than my lips, I like both of these balms for my cuticles. Again, it’s unfortunate that the Birthday Balm has glitter, but if I had chosen a clear version there wouldn’t be a negative there. As the Glossier balm is oilier I think it works better at softening dry skin and hydrating it. As I said before, the Lanolips balm is more soothing. I used it on a razor burn recently and it really did help heal my skin.  So, I guess in this context, it’s what you’re looking for that determines the best balm for you!

(Right image shows the Glossier balm swatched, left image shows the Lanolips.)



Glossier Balm

I do need to mention that Glossier seems to have a slight packaging flaw. I’ve noticed (and no doubt you have too, in these images) that with mine the holographic design has flaked off. A few of the online reviews have said the same, with someone going as far as to say the flaked plastic went in their eye. Ouch.








Lanolips seems to be available pretty much everywhere, as most countries have either an online or highstreet supplier (In the UK, it’s Boots). Glossier isn’t sold by any other shop than it’s own, unfortunately, and thus far they only ship to the USA, UK, Sweden, Republic of Ireland and Canada. I’ve used Amazon links for both, though, so hopefully you can find one that will ship to you if you’re interested in purchasing either. (PLEASE be aware that Amazon sometimes charges more for beauty products than their respective websites do. It’s annoying, as everything else on there is cheaper. I guess that’s yet another negative to spending all my money on makeup – not that I’m planning on stopping anytime soon.. Do make sure to see if you can find a cheaper storefront that ships to you. I never want to exploit you.)



Both BalmsIn my honest opinion, the balm I’m more interested in trying different formulas of is the Lanolips one. The Glossier balm slightly disappointed me, as I had heard so many people talk about it being their favourite balm. Obviously everyone’s skin type is different and it’s a personal thing, but I definitely didn’t see the huge amount of hydration other people seemed to. And I love every other Glossier item (you can read my short thoughts about them on my Instagram here, here and here and on my blog here) I’ve tried. The Lanolips impressed me more as I preferred the less-oily formula, and the longevity of the product makes me feel it might be more worth the money. In some ways, though, as much as I love expensive products, I might just stick with the cheaper stuff, like my Hurraw! balm. The hydration and softening power isn’t quite the same, but it does the job…


Thanks so much for reading. Have you tried either of these balms? I would love to hear your opinion on them!


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