The Best 5 Liquid Lipsticks: No More Flaking or Caking

Liquid lipsticks are a bit of a confusing product. On one hand, they last forever and there’s no worry about having to re-apply as the day progresses. On the other, they’re dry and can easily cake up and flake off. Not to mention, they can leave your lips feeling totally deflated without moisture. Luckily, I’ve got you covered: these are the best 5 – tried and tested by a dry skinned gal herself – long-wearing liquid lipsticks. All cruelty-free, of course.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small amount of profit if you choose to purchase something through my link. It will come at no extra cost to you, though, and means that I can continue to work on my blog. 



You’ll have to excuse the scratches and marks on my lipstick packaging; these products are well loved and have travelled with me to many different countries! I’ve pictured my favourite shades of each. Can you tell I have a fondness for red?


1. NYX ‘Soft Matte Lip Creams’

I talk about these lipsticks all the time to anyone and everyone who wants to listen. They’re creamy and hydrating, and really pigmented. It takes them a little longer to dry down to a matte than your average liquid lipstick, but they feel so much better on your lips. One application lasts for hours without flaking or clumping up and cracking. Honestly, if I could only wear one lipstick for the rest of my life it would either be the shade Morocco, a stunning orange-red, or Cannes, a pink-nude-berry. This product comes in an absolutely huge range of shades, is exceptionally cheap and it smells like buttercream! The only con to this lipstick is that there’s not a huge amount of product compared with some other brands.



2. Smashbox ‘Always On Liquid Lipstick’

These lipsticks can cake up a little upon re-application – layering liquid lipsticks only seems to work when using the NYX ones – but apart from that, they’re comfortable. They do have that bone-dry feeling, but it’s not dehydrating: you just feel like there’s nothing on your lips. Out Loud is one of my favourite lipsticks; I spent years searching for the perfect burnt orange/cinnamon and this beauty was here all along. The doe foot applicator is a diamond shape, making it easy to get a sharp line and perfect lip shape. I do over line my lips a little bit, and this lipstick is so matte that you can’t tell when the light hits it (it’s why I’m not a huge fan of gloss!). The packaging is small and sleek, and you get quite a lot of product. Smashbox is certainly not the cheapest of brands, but the quality is always delivered.



3. Zoeva ‘Pure Lacquer Lips’

I wrote about this product in my ‘3 Beauty Products I wish I had Known About Sooner’ post, but I felt it needed mentioned again. These lipsticks don’t dry down  as matte as the other ones do, but they still offer the same pigmentation and longevity. you’re left with a creamier, slightly glossier finish, and much more comfortable and hydrated lips. I definitely think these lipsticks – especially mine in the unique vampy shade Sensual Curvedeserve a bit more recognition for what they offer. In fact, the entire Zoeva brand does. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can read my short Instagram review of one of their palettes here.



4. theBalm ‘Meet Matt(e) Hughes’

These lipsticks are so fun – theBalm never fail with their cute packaging and puns – and come in so many colours to suit so many skin tones. I love the shade Loyal, as it’s a classic blue-toned red which dries so beautifully and flatters any lip shape. I think these lipsticks are comfortable and hydrating to wear, with a matte finish that isn’t drying. They also smell like mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, which is so unique and so lovely.

Unfortunately, I hate the applicator. It’s a doe foot, but really fuzzy – it’s almost impossible to get a straight lip line. This product definitely needs to be used with a lip brush; I recommend this one by Real Techniques. Another con is that the product easily flows out of the tube and into the lid when moved about. It won’t spill out of the packaging all together, but it makes it a little stickier and messier to open up later on.



5. Stila ‘Stay all Day’

It took me a little bit more time to warm to the Stila formula – despite it being widely popular – and hence I only have one shade, perla, which is actually a mini I got in the M&S advent calendar (pretty sure it’s also discontinued). I really like how smooth this liquid lipstick is to apply; the doe foot applicator creates a solid straight line and it doesn’t dry immediately, meaning you have a little more time to work with it. I almost always apply my liquid lipstick with a lip balm underneath, which can make this formula a little stickier. I don’t mind this though as I personally prefer a bit of clamminess to being able to see every crack and line in my lips due to dryness. These lipsticks are as long lasting and pigmented as the others I mentioned – though if you prefer a more subtle finish, Stila also have their ‘Stay all Day Sheer’ range.



That’s it for my top 5 cruelty-free liquid lipsticks. These are probably the only brands I would ever repurchase, as all of my others are so crumbly and dry! Do you have any favourites I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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