How to Reduce Beauty Bulk to Travel

If you’re someone who hates travelling with hand luggage, I totally get it. The idea of my tiny plastic bag breaking and my having to do the walk of shame back from security – minus my products – makes me nervous every time. Luckily, I’ve managed to work out a few ways to prevent my bag needing to be filled to breaking point – and hopefully yours too…

1. Try to buy solid products

Solid lip balms, solid antiperspirants, solid cleansers…the list is endless. It seems like a bit of a simple solution, but makes a huge difference. The airports which I’m usually travelling out of never pick up on a solidified beauty product, meaning they can live in your hand luggage without the plastic bag. I love the Hurraw! lip balms, as they have SPF and are really creamy. I received the Tangerine and Chamomile version in my June Pip Box – they have some really interesting scents!

2. Have a few ‘does-it-all’ products

What I mean by that is that products with multi-uses really work to my advantage. Yes, I’m stating the obvious here, but it took me a bit longer than it should have to recognise that I don’t need to bring 12 different bronzers on holiday. Eyeshadow palettes with smokey, neutral, shimmer and matte shades are a must-have if you travel a lot. I find that the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ (non-UK readers click here) palette has all the shades I could possibly need, and I bring it every time. As well as this, oils are a good idea. They can be a little messy though, hence I’d recommend coconut oil, as the packaging is generally secure. Also, if you’re heading somewhere cold, it should stay solidified. (Hello again point 1!) You can use it as a cleanser, moisturiser and hair mask. Face palettes such as the Sleek ‘Face Form Palette’ are also travel-friendly options; you have bronzer, blush and highlight all in one. If you want to go the whole way and don’t mind working with fewer shades, you can always get a palette with face products and eyeshadow combined. That’s the smartest way to go!

3. Buy a pack of Face Halos

Face halos have been life changing for me since I first discovered them; they’re microfibre cloths that remove makeup with only the aid of water. They can be hand washed after each use (I find rubbing them against a bar of soap works best) and then machine washed at the end of the week. Each halo is good for 200 uses, so definitely worth the £18 a pack of three costs. You can get them on Beauty Bay or Amazon. Amazon is a tad overpriced, but I’m including it for anyone who can’t access Beauty Bay.

4. Invest in a hot hair brush

I’m not big into hair as I generally leave it to dry naturally out of laziness, but I know that when in warm places the humidity makes mine ridiculous looking, Instead of bringing a hairdryer, brush, pair of straighteners and a curling wand, a hot hairbrush gives you the ability to have any style you want, but for much less bulk in your bag. Mine is from Babyliss, and has never let me down.

5. Forget foundation

I’m aware that this isn’t a possibility for all of us for whatever reasons, but I don’t mind putting on just concealer and sheering it out over my face. You could also mix it with a moisturiser to make it a little less heavy, and blend it as foundation. I like to use the Catrice ‘Liquid Camouflage’ concealer, as it’s full coverage but easy to blend. (Plus it’s cheap, so using a larger amount of it to cover more of your face doesn’t really matter!) Similarly, if you don’t need a lot of coverage you can forget concealer, and choose just foundation. And if your foundation has SPF in it, well, that’s another thing you don’t have to squeeze into your bag.

I hope this helped you out a little, as I know that I personally feel more relaxed when I don’t have to worry about my luggage being overweight. Not to mention that less room for beauty = more room for clothes!


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