Dewytree ‘3 Step Vita Capsule Black Mask’ Review

Recently I was kindly gifted the ‘3 Step Vita Capsule Black Mask’ by Dewytree to give a quick review on Instagram. I thought I’d go a step further and write more in-depth about it on here. Reason being, I prefer to read longer reviews, and I also really like the concept of this product. Please excuse the lack of photos – due to thinking I’d only do a quick Instagram post, I didn’t take any more pictures before using my mask.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small amount of profit if you choose to purchase something through my link. It will come at no extra cost to you, though, and means that I can continue to work on my blog.


Dewytree is a Korean beauty brand which believes in the power of nature for skin, rather than harsh chemicals. This particular mask collection is made with JEJE Volcanic Ash Clay; helping to detox and hydrate the skin. This mask can now be purchased at Superdrug for £4.99, along with a few other masks from the brand. My particular mask has 3 separate parts to it: the ‘Vita Peeling Foam’, the ‘Vita Activator Ampoule’ and the ‘Black Sheet Mask’.


Vita Peeling Foam

This foam is a cleanser designed to remove dead skin cells and brighten dull and lack-lustre skin. There wasn’t a huge amount of detail on the packet instructions, so I just used this foam as I would a regular cleanser. I massaged it into damp skin for around 30 seconds to a minute, to ensure I was getting  all the benefits. I have to say, this foam – along with all other parts of the packet – came in a huge amount, to the point where I had to waste some of it. I do wish I could have saved it somehow, but the tear-apart packaging doesn’t really make this possible.

This product was certainly foamy, and felt really soft and fluffy on my skin. When I rinsed it off I noticed my face was quite literally squeaky-clean; that is, it was making a squeaking noise when I rubbed my fingers along it. After dying my face I did notice it felt a little tight, but I guess this is only to be expected when you have dry skin and you’ve washed away any small amount of oil that resides there. As well as that, the next parts of the mask are hydrating – it’s a step-by-step process.


Vita Activator Ampoule

The packet says that the ‘Vita Activator Ampoule’ “provides intensive moisture from hyaluronic acid and deep sea water for brightening and wrinkle improvement“. I definitely found that this product stung a bit upon first application, but it settled down after about 15 seconds. Agin, the instructions were pretty vague so I wasn’t exactly sure how long to leave this on for. I decided to keep it on until it dried, which took a couple of minutes.


Black Sheet Mask

The mask had an enormous amount of excess product, which I decided to just smear over my neck. All components of this mask had a nice, fresh scent but I think this part was my favourite. It was sweet, floral and a little bit zesty. It reminded me of sherbet, for some reason.

Sheet masks aren’t my favourite kind. For one, they’re FREEZING when first applied. They also have a lot of excess product I hate to get on my hair or clothes. I kind of find they slide around due to gravity, too. This mask, however, was comfortable enough for me to keep it on the full 20 minutes (something the instructions specified, for once). I thought it sat perfectly on, covering all of my skin, and didn’t budge the entire time. When I removed it, the residue took around 3 minutes to fully sink into my skin.

My skin was left glowing, to the point where I wished I had used the mask in the morning before going out rather than at night when no one could see it. I still felt that my skin was a little tight, but this helped with the ‘reduces fine lines’ promise that the Dewytree made. I do think the product shrunk my pores a little, and gave my skin a more even tone. The next morning my skin was completely dry, meaning that the ingredients had all been fully absorbed (or else I need to wash my pillowcase…). I have to say, I did see a slight reduction in redness and blemishes, though I’m not sure about the moisturising properties.


Overall I would definitely repurchase this mask. I feel that the three steps improved my skins elasticity in terms of fine lines and pores, though I feel that moisturiser is required a few hours after use. Next time, though, I’ll definitely use the mask earlier in the day to show off the dewy results the product leaves behind. Have you ever tried Dewytree products? Let me know in the comments!


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