5 Cruelty-Free Dupes for Cult Favourites

One of the worst things about going cruelty-free is the pining you feel toward certain brands and products you know you can no longer access. If you’ve used the same lipstick, or concealer, or powder, or whatever for a certain number of years, it’s hard to find an alternative. Trust me, there’s still a hole in my heart where Benefit used to be, and none of my other favourite cutesy brands (Too Faced, The Balm, Beauty Bakerie etc.) have managed to fill it. What I have to remember instead, though, is that until Benefit stops selling in china they don’t comply with my views and morals. If you would like to be a little more ethical with your every day makeup bag, then I hope I’ll be able to mention at least one dupe applicable to you.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small amount of profit if you choose to purchase something through my link. It will come at no extra cost to you, though, and means that I can continue to work on my blog.

This NARS concealer was probably my first luxury buy in makeup, and it was from then that I began to understand the intensity of the price gap in the makeup industry. I originally bought it because I was struggling to find concealer pale enough for my skin tone, and the shade Chantilly seemed to fit the bill. It just so happened that this concealer was insanely popular for it’s coverage and staying ability. I repurchased, and gushed about, that concealer for years before NARS decided to destroy my relationship with them by opening up to the Chinese market. Luckily enough, though, it was around the same time I discovered my new favourite. The Catrice ‘Liquid Camouflage High coverage Concealer’ in the shade 005 Light Natural is also full coverage, long lasting and easy to blend. The colour isn’t quite as fair, but I find that it’s definitely not too dark and blends effortlessly into foundation or skin. It’s a hell of a lot easier on the bank, too, costing less than a fifth of the price of the NARS one. It’s a smart move really.

  • Swap Laura Mercier ‘Translucent Loose Setting Powder’ for Rosie for Autograph ‘Translucent Finishing Powder’

The Laura Mercier powder is definitely a cult favourite for being matte and long-lasting, as well as being anti-flashback. However, whilst also a lot cheaper, the Rosie powder is just as good. In fact, in my opinion, it’s much better. It has the same qualities as the other powder, but it sits much more naturally on the skin. The silicone texture is soft and light, leaving foundation and concealer feeling less heavy when set. It also leaves a very skin-like quality in terms of finish and light reflection. The ‘Translucent Loose Setting Powder’ was a bit too chalky for my liking, the ‘Translucent Finishing Powder’ has no flaws.

I haven’t linked this powder, as I think the M&S website is out of stock. This definitely hasn’t been discontinued as I got a new one fairly recently!

A skin care routine is nothing without a weekly detox, and the Origins ‘Clear Improvement’ mask is renowned for being a great option. Origins do sell in China, unfortunately, and due to this being an issue regarding animal testing it will need to be swapped for a cruelty-free brand. Glossier definitely steps up to the mark here as a cutesy relatively affordable brand offering some amazing skincare. I’ve spoken about the ‘Mega Greens Galaxy Pack’ mask (along with the ‘Moisturizing Moon’ mask) before in my 8 Simple Ways to Improve your Skincare Routine post, so if you’re a regular here then you already know my love for it. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky-clean, but doesn’t dry it out or enlarge my pores. I really like that it dries clear – a lot less scary than the Origins charcoal mask, though maybe that’s all part of the fun! – and washes off super easily. I also like that it’s in a tub; I’m aware that a squeezy tube is more hygienic, but I find it much easier to control the amount I use when I’m scooping product as opposed to pouring.

I have no images for these products due to not having either of them right now. I will of course only be repurchasing one, though.

I compared Glossier’s ‘Balm Dotcom’ to the ‘101 Ointment’ by Lanolips in this post, and decided that the Lanolips balm came out on top. However, I do want to keep this post relatively accurate in terms of cost, and Glossier prices are much closer to Carmex than Lanolips. As well as that, since writing that post I’ve tried the coconut scent and I actually really love it. So I think my opinions have changed in that respect.

Anyway, ‘Balm Dotcom’ is a really hydrating and softening lip balm that works wonders when left on the lips over night. It doesn’t have the same tingly sensation as the ‘Moisturising Lip Balm’, but I believe from a hydration perspective it’s got much friendlier ingredients. I’m not much of a label junkie, though, so I can’t give my own input here. I do know, though, that my Glossier balms have lasted a lot longer than any Carmex balm, and don’t need to be reapplied nearly as much. So they’re definitely a better valued buy.

  • Swap MAC ‘207’ brush for PS Beauty ‘230’

One of the most iconic brushes of all time is the MAC 217, due to its fluffy goat hair that can be used to blend eye shadow, contour, concealer, anything really. One very cheap dupe is the 230 from Primark’s Leaping Bunny Certified brand PS Beauty. It’s a little less soft (due to the hairs not being animal) but has the same density and rounded shape for a flawless blend. I’ve only gotten mine recently, and so I’m not sure if it’s as durable as the MAC brush, but at such an affordable price – and in a two pack with the also amazing 220 brush – it won’t bother me so much if it isn’t.

No links, as you can’t buy from Primark online – I declare, something needs to change!

That’s it for my favourite cruelty-free dupes, hopefully it will have helped someone who is trying to convert their makeup bag. Are there any cruelty-free beauty swaps you’ve made recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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