The Only Three Products You’ll Ever Need for Perfect Brows

If there’s one thing I receive daily compliments on, it’s my eyebrows. I’ve finally worked out a fool-proof method of filling them in, keeping them in shape, and making them look flawless as well as fairly natural. I absolutely love my eyebrows, and I rarely go anywhere without them done. I hope that by writing this post – and sharing my brow secrets – I can save you some money and stress over filling in your own eyebrows.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small amount of profit if you choose to purchase something through my link. It will come at no extra cost to you, though, and means that I can continue to work on my blog.

The three brow products I use come to a total of £30.20. I’m aware that this is a fairly expensive venture for a lot of people, but as one of the items is a brush that won’t need to be replaced, and the most expensive item always lasts me around 2 years, it’s technically an investment. Who wouldn’t want to invest a little bit of money into perfect eyebrows, anyway? As well as this, I noticed the other day that I have at least 10 varieties of every type of makeup product; for some I have 15 or 20. That is, except for brow products. I’ve found that these three work so exceptionally well I don’t really find myself looking for any others. If you’re still not convinced, look at it this way: a high end eyeshadow palette is around the same price, if not more, as these three brow products. There’s a chance you won’t wear much eyeshadow. There’s probably not much chance you’ll complete your makeup without any brows. Are you with me now? Great. Let’s move on to the actual items you need to purchase.

I’m not into flimsy, angled, winged liner style brushes when it comes to my brows. I need something that’s thick and holds its shape. This brush by Zoeva is honestly the perfect product; the bristles are stiff but feel soft, and can draw a perfectly smooth line of product along your skin. It can also be used to fill in the inner part of the brow by being held horizontally and stroked upward to give a soft hair-like effect.

I like to use a spoolie to brush my brow hairs downwards, draw a line in over the top of them, and then brush them upwards and draw a line underneath. I then fill in the rest of my brow with shorter strokes. It makes sure that my brows are fully filled in and the same thickness as each other.

Anastasia is well known for having amazing brow products and this one in particular is a cult favourite. It comes in 11 shades – I use Dark Brown, which comes out dark on my brown eyebrow hair but was very light on the blonde brows of a friend – and the product will last you a really long time, as such a small amount of it goes a long way. It’s creamy, easy to apply and wears, I’m pretty sure, forever; as it’s water proof and doesn’t smudge once dry. I cannot recommend this product enough.

I use this by scooping a small amount out of the jar with my brush and then smudging it into the lid (or on the back of my hand) to sheer it out before applying.

The part that makes the major difference to brows is how they’re set. They could be painted on beautifully, but if your brow hairs are unruly and outside the lines, or don’t fill in the entire stencil, they won’t look flawless. I brush my brow hairs upward with the gel. This lifts them, gives a feathery effect, and means that no part of my drawn-on eyebrow isn’t covered by a natural hair. I let the gel half-dry, then lightly run my spoolie along the top of my brow so that there are no hair’s sticking outside the line.

This gel by Kiko is the cheapest item on this list, but honestly the most impressive. I’ve tried a fair amount of brow gels ranging from Pixi to Hourglass, and none of them compare to this one. It allows my brow hairs to defy gravity; any other brow gel has them collapsing downward within an hour or less. This gel, combined with the ‘Dip Brow’, allows my brows to remain intact all day.

That’s it for my favourite brow products. Have you tried any of these? Would you recommend any others? Please be sure to let me know down below!

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