How to find your Perfect Foundation

I have a slight obsession with foundation. I love base makeup, and I really don’t know why. Its not as though it looks that different at the end of the day – I can’t exactly start experimenting with shades or anything – but nonetheless I’m always swapping and changing between my collection. I do have a few favourites, though, and I really want to share how I know that they’re the best for me.

This post contains affiliate links; I will get a small amount of profit if you purchase a product through them.

Being someone with really pale skin, shade range comes first for me. There’s no point even considering the qualities of a foundation if I won’t find it in a colour that suits. I’m a bit of an outcast at the lighter end of the spectrum, as most people in there can easily find shades, but I’m aware that for deeper skin tones it seems to be a 3-shades-fits-all affair. I think if you have a skin tone you feel is harder to buy for, this is your first port of call. Anyone from a fair to medium tan tone, you’re good to go. You can probably skip this step. The Ordinary is one of my favourite brands for foundation, (especially the ‘Serum Foundation’!) and they have a huge shade range with different formulas. They’re incredibly affordable, and they were so highly coveted that at one point they were totally sold out on every website.

When looking for a foundation, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of finish you want. I’m emphasising that it’s what you want, because some people feel that your skin type should dictate this instead. The general consensus is that oily skin needs to be mattified and dry needs to be illuminated, but I don’t really see the purpose in trying to make your skin the opposite of what it is. I have very dry skin but I hate being without powder, as I think I look greasy. I know lots of people with oily skin who still love to embrace the wet foundation look as they feel it makes them youthful. It’s all personal opinion, and at the end of the day, trial and error. Think about what might flatter you; texture and wrinkles show up less when matte, skin can look plumper when glossy. Just try to work out what it is you want to enhance or hide, and remember: it’s always a trick of the light. My favourite matte foundation is the Wet n Wild ‘Photo Focus’ foundation, it has a velvety finish that isn’t drying.

When will you mostly be wearing this foundation? If you’re a daytime person, then you’ll want one with lasting power. I would also recommend buying one with SPF (maybe that’s just because I’m a bit of a sun-care freak) and that’s a little more lightweight. I find that lighter foundations stay fresh looking for much longer, whilst more full coverage and heavier formulas crease up within a couple of hours. I love the No 7 ‘Essentially Natural’ foundation; the lightest shade Calico is a tad too dark but it’s sheer enough to work for me.

You might want a bit more coverage, though, and that’s okay. There are plenty of foundations to give a flawless look without caking up. I find that the H&M ‘All Day Liquid Foundation’ has the perfect amount of coverage, and amazing longevity. It’s fairly affordable, too.

Still a little bit confused? You can follow this link that was sent to me by my friends over at It’s a page giving other people’s opinions on foundations and powders under certain categories, and they also have a handy colour match guide. Maybe you’ll find your perfect foundation with the help of their website! (I’m not sponsored to write this, by the way. I would always tell you that.) If you’d like to see where else you can buy cruelty-free foundation to try, you can read my post on my favourite 5 Easily Affordable Cruelty-free Brands.

As always, thanks for reading – I hope it helped!


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