5 Easily Accessible Cruelty-free Brands

I’m all about trying to convince people to move to a more cruelty-free lifestyle, as any small change makes a difference. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to import an incredibly environmentally friendly, vegan, organic product – all you have to do is look out for affordable brands that can be found locally. If you choose to make more purchases from these brands than others, before you know it, your beauty stash will be much more animal friendly and you won’t have noticed a difference in quality or price!

This post contains affiliate links; I will get a small amount of profit if you purchase a product through them.


1. C.Y.O

Anything owned by Boots is Leaping Bunny Certified, and therefore buying from one of their own brands is always a good idea. Whilst I do love No 7, Sanctuary and Botanics, the line I want to talk to you about is their newly launched C.Y.O range. The reason for this is that it’s replaced Seventeen, a brand I used to absolutely adore. Seventeen had a whole range of beautiful, well performing products that cost next to nothing. So, as it was such a trusted brand, I think we can take that trust and explore what C.Y.O has to offer. If you love to hit the drugstore to buy something quick to replace whatever ran out that morning, C.Y.O is easy to find and a really great choice. As the products are still relatively new to everyone right now you’ll definitely try something a bit different.

What I love: The ‘Matte Lot Of Good’ lipstick in the orange-red shade Stage Dive.

2. M&S

It goes without saying that M&S is a favourite for shopping; offering clothes, food and beauty products. Did you know that all of M&S owned brands are also Leaping Bunny Certified? Whilst they have some gorgeous brands and collaborators – Rosie for Autograph by Rosie Huntington-Whitely changed the makeup game for many – I think it’s important to look at their own basic brands. For simple every day things that one can’t live without (think antiperspirant, nail varnish remover etc.) but doesn’t want to spend a lot on as the quality won’t be any different, M&S is the place to go.

What I love: The ‘Nature’s Ingredients’ Peach and Almond Hand Cream. It’s probably one of the least greasy hand creams I’ve ever tried!

3. Catrice/Essence

This one is for my European and American followers, as unfortunately these brands haven’t quite made it to the UK yet bar online stores. I decided to chunk them together, as they’re owned by the same parent company and their products are very similar. Essence is aimed toward young people, Catrice is a bit more sophisticated. Either works fantastically when it comes to price and quality, but the best part of these brands is the choice. There’s a huge range of makeup and nail products, and I can guarantee that whatever it is you’re looking for, your local pharmacy has it!

What I love: The lipsticks. All of them. Both Catrice and Essence have a huge range of lipsticks in every shade and finish imaginable, and they all look beautiful. One of my favourites that I managed to find on Amazon UK is here…slightly overpriced, though.

4. Urban Decay

Okay, so it’s a little (or a lottle) more expensive than the afore-mentioned brands, but sometimes it feels really good to invest in something you know is going to last. Urban Decay have a few major cult products – is there anyone out there who doesn’t own one of the ‘Naked’ palettes?! – due to edgy packaging, consistent quality and a huge following. Urban Decay can be purchased from a multitude of shops, with Selfridges or Debenhams probably being the easiest found, as there’s generally a stand in each branch. So, next time you feel like treating yourself, Urban Decay is the way to go.

What I love: The ‘All Nighter’ setting spray’.

5. Kiko Milano

Depending on your distance from a large town or city, this may not be the most easily accessible brand, but due to a huge growth in the past couple of years the UK and beyond have seen a large number of Kiko stores popping up. It’s fairly easy to see why, the bright interiors have a tonne of eye catching colours and unique products, all laid out for the consumer to play around with. And the products are fairly affordable for the quality. On top of that, they’re always putting sales and offers on, as well as launching whirlwind limited edition collections that are dirt cheap in clearance before the next one comes in. If you’ve been hearing a bit about the brand in passing, that’s probably why.

What I love: The ‘Eyebrow Designer’ brow mascara is the only product to keep my brows in shape every single time.

I really hope this post helped inspire you to make a few animal-friendly choices when next shopping for beauty. If you have any extra questions, please don’t be afraid to ask! If you’d like to hear about a few more cruelty-free things I’m loving, check out my 3 Beauty Products I wish I had Known About Sooner.

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