3 Small Changes you can make to be more Ethical in your Beauty Regimen

It’s not impossible to be kinder to the environment and animals, despite how people try to put you off it. I’m certainly not a vegan tree-hugger – yet! -but I still try to make changes where I can to create a slightly more sustainable future. Here are my top 3 tips on learning to live a more ethical lifestyle.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small amount of profit if you choose to purchase something through my link. It will come at no extra cost to you, though, and means that I can continue to work on my blog.

1. Think about who you Buy From

No doubt about it, fashion is fast moving. There’s a lot of consumerism around cheap brands making clothes that will eventually be discarded of for the next trend. As much as I love a sale, I can recognise that bulk-buying is unsustainable, and whilst I may be looked at as a bit of a hoarder I’m proud to say I rarely throw clothing away. In fact, I have a few tops I’ve been wearing since age 13 (okay, maybe that’s not something to be proud of..). One brand I’ve been made aware of lately is Elvis & Kresse, who make their accessories out of reclaimed materials – such as scraps from factories. Most of their stuff is leather, but they also have a vegan collection, named ‘Fire Hose’ as it’s made out of decommissioned fire hose material. Their products are sustainable and ethical, and in some cases, vegan too!

I do run a cruelty-free blog, and therefore it should come as no surprise to you that I think to be more ethical you need to avoid brands who test on animals. I’m not fully vegan in my makeup, but I’m aiming toward it as I know that it’s safer for the planet to avoid using animal byproducts. One entirely vegan and cruelty-free brand is e.l.f, who sell a huge range of makeup, skincare and brushes at very affordable prices.

2. Use Less Water

It’s a well known fact that reducing water use is better for the environment, as the growing population on earth needs it. Water plays a major role in much of our beauty regimens; cleansing, hair washing, dampening makeup sponges… it seems to crop up everywhere. I’m not going to bore you with the regular turn off the shower whilst shaving, turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth stuff, but I definitely feel something worth knowing is about the items you can invest in to save water. Dry shampoo is one item – my personal favourite is Batiste ‘Tropical’, cheap and really effective whilst also being vegan and cruelty-free – which is useful to have around. Maybe try to go one extra day without watching your hair, and use dry shampoo instead. Face Halos are another item I’ve spoken about already (here and here), and will always encourage my readers to buy. They’re microfibre cloths that require only dampening with a small amount of water to remove a full face of makeup. You’ll save money on cleanser, and you won’t need water for the unnecessary act of rinsing your skin. As well as this, you’re more ethical in terms of packaging – each halo can be used 200 times, meaning you’re not using up the earth’s precious resources.

3. Go Natural

I know that the majority of people prefer to style their hair on the daily, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to go natural and save electricity. I love to straighten my hair to get rid of the frizz, but I’m aware it’s an unnecessary use of power – not to mention: it’s damaging for my ends. I find that one way to smooth out my curls without heat is with a hair mask. I do love to use coconut oil as a natural mask before washing my hair, but as this takes extra shampoo and water to wash out again, I’m aware it goes against point 2. One mask I’ve found interesting lately is the Maui Moisture ‘Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie’. You apply it to wet or dry hair, and either style from there or leave it to settle naturally. I like to let my hair dry, and coat my hands with a small amount of the mask. I then twirl my frizzy curls around my fingers. It almost binds the hairs together, so that instead of a mass of separated ends they become one shiny lock. It’s a little more time consuming on a lot of curls, but it makes a huge difference and they stay together, even when blown by the wind outside. There are heaps of oils and masks out there for each hair type; when you find the right one you’ll not miss the blowdryer as much as you think!

That’s it for my top 3 ethical beauty tips – do you have any to suggest?

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